At MKP we take a unique approach to retail promotions

Watch heads turn towards your shop or stand as our puppets and clowns do their thing.

Debenhams, Tesco, Argos, Marks and Spencer, Ford and Safeways have all benefited from our eye-catching retail promotions.

These are fantastic for Fetes, Gala’s,Trade Shows, Shopping Centres or anywhere you would like to draw attention, create atmosphere, put people into a relaxed mood and keep the children happy.

Available for All Day Promotions or for a couple of hours to greet guests at a party.

Giant Clown

This costume is full of air, but that’s not all. Unbeknown to the unsupecting public, there’s a man inside the costume. As your guests/clients approach this innocent looking statue he suddenly moves.

Really Stand out from the Crowd

  • Want to cause Uproar ?
  • Want to draw crowds ?
  • Extremely Funny & Entertaining
  • Watch as people literally jump out of their skin.
  • Ideal for meet and greet at all types of functions.

We also offer….

We can also Provide Face Painters, Mix n Mingle Entertainers and Balloon Modellers.